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Shell Rimula Super

Shell Rimula Super is a premium protection, long-life heavy duty diesel engine oil, for severe duty and low emission heavy duty diesel engines:

  • New formulation for improved protection for Euro 3 and Euro 4 engines (ACEA E7)
    Now exceeds latest industry & OEM standards(API CI-4, Volvo VDS-3)
    Suitable choice for long-haul and mixed vehicle fleets
    Improved oil life, wear protection and soot-dispersancy

As our global, premium quality, heavy-duty diesel engine oil we are committed to ensuring that Rimula Super continues to deliver the outstanding protection our customers demand. New engine technology introduced to meet US 2002 and Euro 3 and 4 emissions legislation increases the stress on the engine oil in several important ways:

  • Higher contamination by soot _ wear and oil thickening
    Higher contamination by fuel _ bearing corrosion & wear
    More combustion acids from use of exhaust gas recirculation _ corrosion & short oil life
    Use of oil as a hydraulic fluid in the fuel injection system _ Needs superior anti-foam performance
    Smaller oil sumps to reduce weight _ Less oil to protect the engine

Improved wear protection in the lab: Compated to earlier generation oils, Rimula Super provides improved wear even in severe EGR equipped engines as shown in the latest ACEA E5 and E7 engine tests:

  • Protection against top-ring wear has been improved by up to 20%
    New formulation Rimula Super exceeds the ACEA E5 limit for ring wear by up to 30%
    Ensuring premium protection for all engines including the latest low emission and severe duty engines

Improved protection on the road: We don’t just test in the lab; using Shell’s worldwide resources we are able to tests engine oils in many ways that other companies cannot match. Rimula Super has been developed and evaluated in some of the most extreme conditions, for instance, hauling up to 100 tonnes in temperatures up to 40°C in Australian road trains, Rimula Super demonstrated improvements in wear control of up to 30% in this operation versus previous generation oils, and up to 15% versus previous generation Rimula Super.

Global leadership

Rimula Super exceeds the latest specification from Europe (ACEA E-7), Japan (DH-1) and the USA (CI-4) and  "Global DHD-1" performance defined by the world's leading engine makers.

Produk Website: http://www.shell.co.id/home/content/idn/products_services/solutions_for_businesses/lubricants/transport_lubricants/products_services/transport_rimula.html

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